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What do Agents want ? New instructions, of course !

Add your company details
We'll set you up with an account.

Add in your company details and list your fees.

Include the days you want to carry out Market Appraisals and the postcodes you want to cover. 
Agents Fees
We don't want a race to the bottom and we won't allow that.

The client needs a reasonable deal and you need to make profit. That's how the client will get the best service.
Our intention is that you carry out the Market Appraisals, and pick up Instructions, so that your relationship with us is a profitable one. 
Gain Instructions.
We want you to be long term clients.
And the way to do that is to generate new Instructions.
Either go through the process of setting up an account or call 0845 603 0708 and we'll call you.